If I Could Be a Character From a Book, I’d Be…

Atticus Finch.

He represented to me such strength of character that is something to aspire to. He knew he was fighting a losing battle but that did not deter him from fighting it. It was on principle, to be an example to his children, that he risked his reputation and his life to defend the wrongly accused. He not only defended Tom Robinson but he did it well, to the best of his ability, never slacking even with the knowledge of the odds that were against him. He painted a portrait of himself that Scout and Jem would be forever proud of and made sure that his legacy would remain in that town.

He took a stand against prejudice when it was not popular to do, showing a calm and collected exterior even though on the inside must have been turmoil. When his kids were acting out their stories about Boo Radley, he tried to show them the importance of not judging others but looking at life through their perspective.

I read this book when I was 10, then again at 12 and yet again in High School at 14 and once more after that. Initially I was endlessly fascinated by Scout who was so interesting and intriguing but as I got older my focus switched to Atticus and the amazing character that he portrayed.

It is an inspiration to me to not only stand for something when it is popular or because everyone else is, but to do so even when I’m outnumbered, as long as I do it with conviction, with respect. I hope that I can one day be an example to my future children, leaving behind something that they can be proud of, teaching them lessons and experiences that they can learn and grow from. I hope to instill a love for humanity that is not dimmed by the injustices that oftentimes occur.

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